Frequency Input request

Thank you for this logging app, it is very useful for POTA activations.
I’ve used the HAMRS on both the PC and iPad.
The only problems I have encountered have all been operator induced.
Request that frequency input be limited to numbers only and that inputs after a dot or the period be limited to 3 spaces.
de WD5GNX Greg

Why only 3 spaces? If someone is on frequency 7.21450 it would only show as 7.214 (or 5 if it rounds) and that would not technically be the correct frequency.

Strictly operator error.
When activating and switch frequencies I sometimes forget to tab back to the operators call and end up with call sign letters in the frequency input.
If I notice it’s an easy fix, when I don’t notice and work a lot of stations it’s a lot of editing.
If the length is an issue just numerical input would be fine.

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