Frequency outside of the ITU range

Doing an activation with the IC-905 and Hamrs reports that all frequencies inside the 13 cm and 6cm bands are out of the ITU range. I would assume it is the same for the 3cm band, but we did not have transverters to try that.

I started a new logbook on my android phone. I set Frequency to 14.325MHz and Band to 20m. HAMRS app says Band does not match freq.
I’m not sure what’s going on with all that.
Charlie - K5EHN

Which template are you using? band should automatically be populated when you enter the frequency (in MHz, of course).

I don’t think @Jarrett has added those bands yet to the default list.

Which is why I have asked for it to be either added or fixed. Myself and my friends have around 500+ qso’s we are trying to log for the 13cm and 6cm bands.

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