Generic template [DONE]


I think, you should create a generic template next, something with just callsign, rst in out, reference, etc.

There are many hamradio activities out there from the knonw like Flora and fauna, sota, castle awards and so on; sure hopefully you can make one for each but many countries will have their small diplomas that are mostly unknown, and to get to them all will take time.

So IMHO having a generic template with the basic entry points would be great and valuable.

73 and be safe.

Mike “CU3HY” Maciel

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So I’m a knew ham - July of 2020 - so I need a lot of input on this kind of feature. I absolutely agree with you - It needs a default/generic template. What fields would be enough? I felt like in my own use it was basically the POTA template, minus the park information.

  • Your Call
  • Their Call
  • RST Sent
  • RST Recieved
  • Freq
  • Mode ?
  • Date
  • Time
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Yes seems about right, many awards don’t ask for a specific adif entry, when sending the log, they just ask that you specify what reference was activated so they can validate it.

You can add a field in the log for future reference by the user so they can easily verify but this does not mean there is a need for a specific adif entry… say a REFERENCE and maybe a NOTE field…

Done! 0.9.2 Release - Language Support | HAMRS

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Having had a great first SOTA activation with HamRS by my side, I thought that this would make a great piece of software for general portable logging. I used the generic template and was disappointed to find that there was no way of recording my details like there is for SOTA activations. I couldn’t log my QTH or locator square. The right hand panel containing these fields for the SOTA activation is missing on the generic template. I think these are the only two fields you need for generic logging that aren’t immediately accessible, unless there’s something I’m missing.

Thanks for a great piece of software.