Great APP! 2 Requests

First of all, thanks for the simple great piece of software… I haven’t use it yet on the field, but looks absolutely promising.
2 Requests,

  1. Black or Night theme. Either black or red, but something to ease the eye at night would be great.
  2. Radio interfacing. I know this is getting in deeper waters considering different platforms, amount of radios on the market, etc., but in the future please consider a way for it.

Love that it was available for the Amazon Fire tablet and also on different OS…

Also, just notice that the Spanish translation needs some little work, if you want let me know where I can grab the Spanish translation file and I can work on it. I’m Spanish natural speaker so no biggie…

73s and wish you the best.
Joel, WE0DX

I like the idea of a night or black mode.

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