Grid location for park-to-park

When entering another activator’s park, can the system log that as their operating grid? I see that the system looks that info up and displays the grid but having it automagically populate would be a plus.

That’s a great idea, and super easy to accomplish. I’ve got it in my backlog!

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I would suggest some sort of disclaimer that the grid may not represent where the Activator is.

While you’re addressing this issue to auto-populate the other operator’s grid info, recommend adding a “check QRZ” button to toggle the QRZ location on and off.

Click it and it remains selected / places the operator’s QTH info into those fields; uncheck it and it clears the other operator’s QTH fields. Provide this option when initially logging the QSO and when editing a QSO after an activation.

This would allow a look-up after an activation, when access to WiFi is available; but it would also make it easier to enter the other op’s QTH info without having to manually clear each field.

For instance, if I work a portable operator who’s home QTH is in Boston, MA but they are operating in Pittsburgh, PA, would rather simply uncheck the box and enter their state as PA, and move on. Currently I need to clear the city, state, county, grid, etc., and THEN enter the state. If I don’t clear those fields it looks like they are located in Boston, PA. (Is that even a town?)

I sort of want this as well, I am using the generic templet for at home Logging and it gets annoying having to go edit the QSOs to remove grid and county from them for the QSOs I made hunting POTA operators. Also with the latest Windows version its still not possible to set your own grid which is a bit annoying.

True, some parks may span multiple grid squares, but it’s likely to be much closer than using the operator’s home grid. For those that are specifically hunting grid squares a clarification request can be made. My laptop has a GPS and I use NMEATime2 for keeping the time synced to GPS time. The program will also provide a maidenhead grid. Of course a stand-alone GPS and cell phone apps will too.