Grid Square Change

When entering a call using the POTA template, the operators info automatically populates the fields, but when I enter their park number shouldn’t their home grid square be overwritten by the parks grid square?

Yes it should! Good Catch! I’ll get a bug ticket started.

There is no park grid square, at least not one that is associated with the actual activation location: Every park has a pin that is hopefully within the parks boundaries, but for larger parks, that may not be anywhere near the activation location. For a trail (like the Appalachian Trail K-4556) which goes through several states, it would not be a good idea to just populate with the grid square of the pin. IMHO the right thing to do would just be to clear out the grid square information to not introduce another error.

Karl Heinz - K5KHK


That’s a very good point.

definitely the case for the Adirondack Park, it’s as big as Vermont.

So is it not worth updating the operator’s gridsquare from QRZ provides (their home QTH) to the park’s gridsquare? I really only use it for mapping, I can make it not export to the ADIF. Just thinking outloud

For mapping purposes it should be fine (in my opinion). When looking at the map, I personally am interested in “general” locations anyways… others here may disagree…

I like the grid square feature. I can always edit the few that are not super accurate. We activated 6 parks as separate groups and this would’ve come in handy when entering the P2P contacts. I would like to see the grid square field be overwritten by the park number field. This is not a big deal Jarrett, if you want to leave at is.

I agree. I often activate the Great Trail here in Canada, also called The Trans-Canada Trail. It’s 27000km long and has one pin, on the other side of Canada from me.

I want to be able to put my grid square in each time I set up. It’s never the same as my QRZ grid square.

As a POTA hunter, I am creating a general log and using QRZ lookup. It will not pull the grid square into the log. HamDB will pull grid for USA contacts but did not do it for my DX contracts. I am using the general log so I can export an .ADI file to import into QRZ.
Since I am doing QRP, I created in QRZ wb4des/qrp with my new grid location which I am at for several weeks. Will HamDB pickup this new call sign location?

I’ve decided because there are so many places from which I can activate the Great Trail the best strategy is for me to manually put my present grid square into HAMRS.

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