Grid Square not part of saved profile

Please please please allow me to save my grid square to my account. I’m sick and tired of having to put in a dummy QSO to save my grid square if I close the log. I’m also sick of looking up my grid square to add it each time I create a log. Why isn’t it saved with the rest of my profile? I would rather use paper and a pen, which is sad because I would probably use this app more if it had that basic feature.

Out of curiosity, do you operate mostly portable or from the same QTH?

My use case with HAMRS is mostly in parks, so I need to select a new grid square for every logbook. It’s easy with the Location button—I never need to look it up. Alternatively, from a park, HAMRS plugs in the default grid square.

But if logging regularly from one location, such as a home QTH, I would probably keep reopening the same logbook and my location would be retained for later entries.

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