Gridsquare lookup working sometimes, sometimes not?

I was using 0.11.1 out on a POTA activation. I noticed it picked up the gridsquare for the first handful, then stopped. When I got home to look at the map I noticed many of the contacts were not there. I then updated to 0.11.2 and started clicking on the gear, went to lookup and some populated the gridsquare. However most did not. Not sure if this is still a bug issue or what.

This been going on for a while.
If you check your own grid square is wrong and changes also. Also, the QSO states or counties are wrong sometimes.
It a real pain having to fix the QSO INFO if you upload to other programs like QRZ.

Hate to hear this. I just started using the program and it is SO MUCH BETTER than using Log4OM on POTA activations. My handwriting is so bad, I would rather use an Excel spreadsheet than writing them down! Two things I want for Hamrs is this to be fixed AND auto logging for WSJT-X. Actually in third I would want to be able to download the FCC Database and use it on my laptop as well. For the times cell service stinks. I would say use it instead of the other upload, but did get a few international calls this last activation. I guess I could look those up though. FCC Dbase I know would not have gridsquares in them though.

Grid squares seem to be hit-or-miss depending on the lookup service used. Some have them and others don’t, and it varies from callsign to callsign.

The most reliable seems to be, as long as you pay for a premium subscription and are signed into the service via the HAMRS settings.

You can also switch your lookup service settings at will and force a manual lookup for those that weren’t populated via your default service.

As for one’s own grid square, at the beginning of my activation I just press the locator button next to the “my grid square” field. HAMRS pulls it from my GPS coordinates an uses that one for all subsequent QSOs.