Had a blast today on Ham Radio 2.0

Jason at Ham Radio 2.0 had me on to talk about HAMRS. This was crazy for me because as a new ham last summer, I flocked to his, Josh at HRCC’s, and KM4ACK’s channels. Anyway, I talked a lot about you guys and how awesome ya’ll are!

I’m the one with the hat and the beard :laughing::


That’s great man! Congrats… glad to see this is taking off, you’ve got a great thing going here.

Nice to see the person behind the project. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what comes next from the backlog. I appreciate your keeping true to the vision of a clean UI and soliciting end-user ideas. Bravo.

I watched the entire video on Wednesday. You did an awesome job with Jason and you looked like an old pro. Look forward to being a part of this great team and POTA/SOTA product. 73 de KN3A

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It was awesome to put a face to the creator of the program! I’m also happy to hear that you’ve had an outpouring of support. I’ve been lucky in that the hams I chat with are pretty generous in sharing knowledge; I’m happy to see that’s been your experience.

I also enjoyed hearing that you’re hoping to keep hamrs simple. It got me thinking of a “Simple” mode that is much like the first few Beta versions that we’ve used so far, and a “normal” mode with more of the upcoming features. That way, if someone just wants a simple logger that can spit out an .ADI file they can do that they can, or take advantage of a wider function set.