HAMRS alternative!

Guys, as much as I enjoy HAMRS, it has become apparent to all of us that further development looks sketchy. So, we can keep using it as it is OR you can check HAM2K PoLo. Lookup the developers call on QRZ, please! It’s KI2D.

I’m not slamming HAMRS or it’s developer, it’s the best portable logger I’ve ever used, however, I feel the time has come to move on.

There is a YouTube video out. Here’s the link:

Just my two cents worth.

Look up whose/what call?

Michael WA7SKG

HAMRS interface is quite a bit nicer and the features are really good. I’m holding out for an update but intend to continue using it during the wait—it still works fine.

I signed up to be a BETA tester for the HAM2K polo. Ive done 2 activations with it. It’s amazing. Just like you said HAMRS has been great and many thanks to the developers. HAM2K does many things better than HAMRS. It’s still in development, but in my opinion it’s the way of the future. I dont see myself using HAMRS again.

Just want to put this out there. I’m working on an alternative as well. Mine will be for iOS and macOS and will be a full native app. I am going to be looking for beta testers soon.

A lack of any substantive communication, about future development indicates a lack of substantive action on future development to any reasonable person. Teasers, via third parties, You Tubers and the like VS direct info directly from the developer, Mr. Green, is hardly adequate - at least that is how many are starting to feel and do feel and, so, they will move on and I can’t and won’t blame them. The longer the delays, the more users HAMRS will lose.

I’m excited that @Jarrett is back in the saddle releasing a parks database update and has been working diligently on a fully rewritten version of HAMRS. I’ve casually looked at the alternatives and am very biased towards the HAMRS design and function, so I’ll continue to wait a little longer for that.



Let me know, I would be interested in beta testing.

For anyone still on the fence, here’s a link to a video showing Polo used for an actual activation. The guy is in Norway but speaks English for the purpose of the video.

I’m glad Jerrett is back at work, life does offer complications. I experience them myself. I wish he and his team the very best!


Robert N4RLW

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They have a very nice and compact phone layout! That’s always been something I wanted to rework.

Jarrett, I take my hat off to you for what you accomplished with HAMRS.

I have spoken up in your defense in other posts when people were wanting answers and more features, trying to explain that life happens and even for me, I’m sorry, but work and hobby take a back seat to my family.

I only brought this up to fill the gap people were complaining about, not to hurt your work.

I still have your app installed on my phone and look forward to any work you do. As many others have said, we’d be happy to pay for the app if it would help you out with adding new features.

My daughter does coding so i know how many hours can go into writing software along with headaches.

I truly hope you are doing well and look forward to any new features you add.


I use my iPad Pro for HAMRS, I’d be more than happy to beta test your app when you are ready.
Rob - AK7RM
Mesa, AZ

Hey Robert, no worries at all. I would have been looking for alternatives myself, and I’m glad other devs are building new stuff for the community!

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