HAMRS and Old iPad

I have an older iPad which is in great shape and would like to use it with HAMRS for POTA in the field. When I try and download the HAMRS app I get the message:

“HAMRS is not compatible with this iPad”

I tried downloading on both the HAMRS.app page as well as the App Store. Any other ideas I could try and get this on my iPad? This iPad is running iOS 9.3.6

I don’t think HAMRS will run on old versions of iOS. Can you upgrade to iPad OS 12 or 13?

Presumably you’re on an old 3 (original) like I’ve got kickin garound. The Apple App store page lists iOS 12.4/iPadOS 12.4 and MacOS 11 w/ M1 chip as the minimums. No-go on the old setup.

Sadly, Apple has a way of creating Orphans. I’ve got an old version iPad that won’t update, too. Planned obsolescence, they call it.

I’ve been running HAMRS on my new iPad Air (M1) and it works well.

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