HAMRS and QRZ lookup

So just to make sure, if I set up HAMRS to lookup callsigns on QRZ.com, that goes towards the 100 lookups allowed per day without a subscription, correct?

Sounds like. I’m honestly unsure of what you get if you don’t subscribe to QRZ. 100 isn’t a lot - you might check out https://www.hamqth.com/ as a free alternative.

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I’ve used CQRLog for Linux for years. And I’ve never had an issue with it not getting details from QRZ.com, and I do not have the sub.
But with the HAMRS, it does not get the name, both on Linux and Android version. Only shows city and country, the rest is “undefined”.

Can you tell me how to set up QRZ on the HAMRS app? when I bought a new laptop and downloaded HAMRS, apparently I chose HamDB. I dont get grid squares (as you know). Want to change back to QRZ but cant figure out how to do that. I am a paid QRZ subscription member. Thanks…and Sorry. Mark


  1. Click ‘Profiles’
  2. ‘Manage Profiles’
  3. Click the ‘Cog’ icon next the profile you’d like to edit.
  4. Add your QRZ login informaiton:

Sorry for delay. Got it fixed right away upon your reply. Thank you

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