HAMRS and World Wide Flora and Fauna - support?

You have a great program and I highly recommend it to my POTA and WWFF KFF friends who are starting out.

It’s been asked before, any chance/update on a template for WWFF, similar to POTA? People tell me, which I find hard to believe, that the request is languishing because of some software development ties/agreements with the POTA management folks.

I use HAMRS on my iPad, with the POTA template. When I play WWFF too, I export the adif file, search and replace the K-xxxx field with the equivalent KFF-xxxx. If I have Park-to-Parks, I verify those designators transfer over to WWFF (or not) and then edit those designators and re-export. It works but …

Thanks, 73 and 44
Dave, K6WDE

I agree – having a WWFF template would be handy, as would the ability to simply “copy” a POTA logbook to a WWFF logbook.

I do it in ADIF Master and that seems simple enough for now.

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I use it for a portable log and also WWFF. It easy to amend the log but WWFF would be great.

Firstly, this is a great app, the hard work in the format and layout make it easy to use.
Well done.
However, it would be good to see another option for WWff. This part of activating is increasing and to see a logging option would be fantastic. Please

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