HAMRS dumped 139 contacts

I had a great afternoon and made 140 contacts 40M SSB. The first thing that I did was come home and I hit the “Look-up ALL” button. It gave me a red flag error code on 9 contacts, then dumped the rest of the contacts. Then it dumped the last 8 and left me with 1 contact out of 140.

Is there anyway for me to recover all of those contacts?

Unfortunately, based on what I’ve seen here in the forum, few are able to recover their lost contacts. Sorry to break this to you. I know the developer has announced he is working on an alternate database design, but that isn’t available yet.

One fix that has worked for some is to force-close the app and reboot your device. Sometimes the log will appear again.

What device and operating system are you using? And are you using the latest version of HAMRS?

Also, which lookup service are you using? If QRZ.com, are you a premium subscriber?

Again, my condolences on your data loss. I’ve used HAMRS on my iPad now for 55+ activations and haven’t had any problems with data loss. That’s got to hurt. I do periodic screen shots for now to ensure I have a backup plan, but hopefully I’ll never need to defer to those.

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@Tanner_Hamm I’m just… I’m really sorry, man. I don’t know what else to say. It’s crushing to know you lost those contacts. I’d be livid. I’ve never lost contacts, but to know it’s happened to someone who has trusted me and my software - I just have no words. I can absolutely refund any money you spent, please just let me know.

I can’t recreate it, it only affects a few users, and their hardware/versions/os has no commonality which has made my response less surgical and more ‘we need to rewrite the database infrastructure’. I’ve hired a contractor to help because I just have no time right now. I absolutely realize that all sounds like bullshit when you’ve lost a lot of hard work. Again, I apologize. I can’t say that enough.

That said, I’m beginning to think the lookup all functionality might be a vector for data loss. I’m going to temporarily remove it.

I just had an issue this evening of losing about 40 contacts.

I’m on an iPhone with current iOS and when I ended my activation I had all my contacts. Shortly after that I opened the app again and they were gone. Very odd.

Another option to try, depending how the activator has Windows setup, is to see if you can “restore previous versions” from the directory in Windows. Once again, this depends on how you have Windows backup options configured.