HAMRS Export to WFD Format

I’m looking to upload my WFD log, and the site is requesting Cabrillo format? Since HAMRS only does ADIF, which is the best converting method? I tried a couple paid and free applications and they don’t seem to recognize the WFD contest.

Last year I entered my data into a spreadsheet and wrote some parsing strings to convert the main QSO log. This year I plan to import the HAMRS-generated ADIF to do the same.

At the present time I’m not sure of other alternatives for generating the Cabrillo log.

It’s possible that another contest-focused logging package (N1MM?) can import the ADIF and export into Cabrillo if it has a WFD template. That could be an option for you, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Thanks KZ3L. Haven’t gotten N1MM to cooperate just yet.

Struggling to find something that will convert. Half of me just wants to forget it…but it would hurt all my contacts if they aren’t confirmed, right? Surely there are others out there that used the HAMRS WFD template! How did you convert your exports?

I’ve tried to automate the process of importing and converting, but haven’t had time to make it foolproof.

If you have Excel, I can post the spreadsheet with a few instructions. But you will need to know your way (a little bit) around MS Excel.

I’ll try to work on it tomorrow (Sunday).

The design will require you to export your ADIF from HAMRS, import it to ADIF Master (a free Windows utility), sort by time, export as a CSV, and import it into the data tab of the spreadsheet.

The Spreadsheet will calculate your score, convert all of the QSOs to Cabrillo format, and allow you to export a finished Cabrillo text file.

No promises it will be flawless but hopefully someone can find it useful. I wouldn’t have used HAMRS for Winter Field Day if I wasn’t confident I could manipulate the records accordingly. Hopefully a future version of HAMRS will include the ability to export a Cabrillo file.

Okay, here’s my attempt at a conversion utility. It requires Microsoft Excel and the free ADIF Master utility.


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