Hamrs Logbook question

New user and really like the program. Rookie question - do you need to create a new logbook for every park you activate or just open an existing one and append to it. If you append, how do you create the new .adif file that does not contain the older entries?


It was designed to create a new logbook for each activation. If you name your logbook in the format that POTA requires, i.e. “KB0ICT@K-2336-2022-03-04”, then you just export when you’re done activating and send it off!

Please do not use dashes in the date. The “official” filename format is CALL@PARK-YYYYMMDD, nothing more, nothing less. Any deviation may break processing scripts requiring manual intervention. The only dashes are after the country designator in the park number (after the K) and between the park number and the date. Thank you.

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