Hamrs Map one button lookup

When In the field the map lookup does not work because of no internet. Could you add a one button map lookup feature that could be used once you return home to populate the qso’s into the map instead of doing a lookup one at a time.

I second this!!

It would be a great idea. I just had to individually do a lookup on 225 QSO’s. Ugh!

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Try selecting HAMdb from LookUp menu.

Does Hamdb have a lookup feature when offline?

All I am asking for in when you get home from activating to have a one button lookup feature to populate the map. If you going to have the map it’s useless if you have to lookup every one of the qso’s one by one when to have internet service restored


Sorry…I had ACLog in mind when I wrote that. It has an offline database to use.

I agree there needs to be some method to have the system to prefer bulk-lookup for callsigns when you have internet access; as a general rule, I like to make at least 100 Qso before moving on to another park. It is very painful to have to manually click on each call when the system has not completed a lookup.

I totally agree. I do the same with qso’s. I shoot for at least a hundred. Really need a bulk lookup to populate the map and double check qso’s before uploading.

Curious what you need the map for when you get home? Just upload the adif to qsomap if you need a map. W1ip

Because the map is there, that why.

There used to be a bulk look up option but it was thought that that feature was causing some crashes. It was removed. Since then, I believe the database has been reconfigured. It would be nice to have that feature again.

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