HAMRS Not Pulling Data From HAMDB

I just did a POTA activation and almost every call got a popup saying “No entry for W7ABC in hamdb database”. Out of 23 contacts, it only pulled data for two contacts.

Is this a configuration issue on my part? Does hamdb still work? Are there other options? It used to work fine, but I have not done an activation in several months.

Using version 1.0.6

Michael WA7SKG


I did 5 activations today and had the same issue. It pulled about 3 callsigns from each activation but at different intervals.

The HamDB.org web site appears to be down. When I try to pull it up, I get a blank screen.


I do a lot of POTA activations.
A while back, I switched from HamD database to QRZ with a paid subscription and my percentage of found calls increased markedly.

Two things.

I believe it takes a little while for the data base to be searched and then have that info returned to HAMRS. So during a busy stretch, If you record another contact before the previous one’s search has been returned, that data will not be recorded. Data does not seem to be searched for previous contacts, once another one has been entered.

Second, database searches go via your cell service connection, unless your activation location has WIFI. The time taken to search seems to be dependent upon the strength of your cell service connection. I have noticed that database searches take longer and fewer results are returned if I am activating in an area with lower cell signal strength.

With HAMRS I use an IPad with cell service connection for internet service. My other option is to connect via Bluetooth to my iPhone for seraches. For whatever reason, my iPhone usually shows one more strength bar over what my iPad shows. But for simplicity I nearly always just use the iPad.

The info above pertains to the mapping function also.

When I get back home, I fill in the Lookups I’ve missed.

Try switching your preferred search database to QRZ. It may help.

Good luck,

Jack N8EU

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A day later I went back to the 5 logs and did a lookup on the qso’s and all of them came back with a red exclamation mark. None updated. I was on my homes WiFi. So something is a miss!

As of moments ago:

I am also having this issue using my cell phone. My desk top computer is working fine but Droid app isn’t on 2 different phones and using the same wifi at home. I’m using paid qrz and this worked fine last weekend.

Just to confirm, are you saying that HamDB doesn’t work in HAMRS, or QRZ.com doesn’t work for you in HAMRS?

Recommend checking to ensure that your profile entry for QRZ.com username and password has a green check mark beside it, and that your Settings | Lookup Provider is set to QRZ.

HamDB is working again for me today.

Hey Friends,

Jon, KK6NLW here - the creator of HamDB.org We did have some downtime which I attempted to resolve quickly. The server became overloaded and I had to offload some traffic to get it back up and running smoothly.

Please keep in mind that HamDB is a completely free service that I personally provide to the amateur radio community. It’s funded entirely out of my own pocket and I manage and develop new features for it as my time permits.

While I’d love to be able to guarantee a 100% uptime, it’s just not possible.

Edit: Although, I should share, the total downtime for the whole of 2022 was less then 30 minutes for the entire year, so it does have a pretty good track record.


Jon, thanks for jumping into the discussion and providing an update. Most importantly, THANK YOU for offering such a great service at no cost! You’ve contributed a ton to the amateur radio community through this capability.

Many, many thanks for everything.

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My last three activations the same thing has happened to me too… what’s going on with HAMRS?

You can’t access HamDB? Do you have it selected as your lookup service?

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