Hamrs on a raspberry pi

I installed Hamrs on my raspberry pi through Build-a-Pi. The installation went fine.

When I tried to paste my QRZ password for callsign lookup and found that I cannot right-click and paste. In fact, there was nothing when I right-click on any field in any place in Hamrs.

Second thing is that when I click on the menu item to run Hamrs, it takes between 15-25 seconds to show the information inside the program. We get the outline of Hamrs within a couple of seconds, but then it is nothing but a white screen for a little while. I actually was thinking that something happened during installation, but this behavior is showing up on all three of my raspberry pi’s and they all have different configurations (one has a 7" screen, one run headless at all times, and the last one is hooked up to a 27" HDMI screen. I am pretty sure that it is not my configuration.

Just wanted to let you know.

Try pressing Control+V to paste. This often works in Windows and Linux, Command or Apple+V on Mac, even when there’s no right-click menu.

Interesting. Hamrs is about the only app where cntl-V works on the raspberry pi (at least where I have tried to use it

I was so used to right-click on my Pi’s, never thought of trying it there :smiley:

Thanks for the reminder