HAMRS on an Amazon Fire Tablet Review

So a user had asked if I could build a version of HAMRS for the Amazon App store so they could run it on their Fire Tablet. I was able to and it’s available as of last week.

I’ve never really messed around with fire tablets, and figured I’d need one for future testing, so I purchased the following:

I gotta say, this is a slick little setup. Out of the box, you’re limited to apps on the Amazon App Store, but I know there is a way to include Google Play apps without a lot of fuss.

Tablets range greatly in price, but if you’re looking for something small, and very portable, this worked very well for me during my last activation. I didn’t feel like I needed more screen space, in fact it was nice to get some real estate back on the little foldable camping table I take with me for POTA activations. I forgot to take pictures of it in the field, but here it is on my desk next toa full size keyboard and a pair of scissors for scale.

If you’re in the market for a simple tablet to throw in your bag, for $127 all-in, I think this is a great setup.


Bought one, paid for the app, luv it. TY, de K8MH

purchased the fire hd 8 theyre on sale right now for 44 bucks, so had to get one for a spare logging device. Maybe my bluetooth keyboard for my ipad mini will fit…