Hamrs on multiple computers

I got a new laptop and installed Hamrs. When I log in I don’t see the logbooks that appear on my original computer

Logbooks do not sync between devices in HAMRS. This is a frequently requested feature.

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As per KZ3L - I also asked if this could happen. HAMRS does not have a sync function with either multiple devices or with QRZ. I hope this is an update in the future.

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As I understand it, HAMRS and its information including your logbooks are actually stored on your device, not on a remote server somewhere, therefore it is not possible for the developer to create such a logging program. About the best that can be done is to provide a method to download/upload from device to device manually by you. While it is possible using third party methods, I believe that it would be prone to errors, hiccups and resulting in lost logs… better left alone and use the program as it was intended.

I know that on Linux, I believe the database is somehow stored, in a directory structure at this path: $HOME/.config/hamrs/…

If you have Windoze or OSx, the directory name may be diffferent.

I would zip up the whole directory, copy the zip file to the new laptop.
Rename the current directory to a backup name
unzip the file making the new directory.

and see if that works.

Good luck

HAMRS doesn’t have the ability to open any logs other than the ones it stores. I tried like heck to figure out where on my devices they get stored and couldn’t find them. If HAMRS has the capability to create .adif files, I don’t understand why it doesn’t have the ability to open an .adif file.

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