HAMRS Winter Field Day template conversion to Cabrillo

I’m planning on operating in the field during the Winter Field Day this weekend.

I didn’t want to have to take my laptop computer just to be able to log with N1MM which creates the required Cabrillo format for submitting logs after the event. HAMRS doesn’t have the ability to generate Cabrillo files.

As a test, I created a sample WFD log in HAMRS using its Winter Field Day template. I exported that log as an ADIF file and then imported it into N1MM after creating a new empty WFD log in that program. I then used N1MM’s command to generate a Cabrillo version of that log.

It created the Cabrillo file perfectly. No modification of the HAMRS ADIF file was necessary.

Just to be sure that the Cabrillo file was complete, I created another sample WFD file using only N1MM. The information and format of the Cabrillo file generated from the N1MM log matched the HAMRS generated file exactly.

I can now leave the laptop at home and log on the iPad or iPhone.

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Thanks for sharing this! Last year I wrote some macros in Excel to convert this for me, but it sounds like the HAMRS → N1MM method is the way to go and would be far simpler.


Agreed, Thanks for sharing! That will make log entry much easier for the entire club call! Is there a stipulation that logged entries should be in chronological order? I will read the WFD rules shortly on that.

A couple of years ago, in the ARRL VHF contest, I logged SSB/CW contacts directly into N1MM. My FT8 contacts were logged within WSJT-X. After the contest I imported the FT8 log into N1MM and all of the contacts were sorted properly by time. Hopefully that will work for you.

Thank you for the update!

Thank You so much for sharing! Please keep me informed. :smile: :smiley: