HAMRS won't verify through QRZ

HAMRS won’t look up (autofill) when call sign is entered. It worked for many QSOs before. Can anyone give me the secret recipe to make it work again? Could running a cookie cleaner messed it up? I tried a re-logon to both HAMRS and QRZ.COM, and same issue prevails.

Please check this first… when you edit your profile, do you have a green checkmark next to the QRZ username and password, like this:

I am having this problem as well, on some of my devices.

It is fine on my Android (v1.0.7) and on Windows (v1.0.6).

On my ClockworkPi uConsole I am running an aarch64 build (v1.0.2) of the AppImage. Here, the popup shows and it displays the city and state. The name shows as “undefined”

I would like to update HAMRS on my Linux device, but I don’t know how.


Same question then - does your profile log in correctly to QRZ?

Also make sure you selected QRZ as your lookup service in Settings.

Will have to defer to someone else to advise on Pi installation…