Have Look up stay visible longer

When i do CW i can respond to the hunter with their state. It would be nice if it Stayed up longer so i could respond also with their name. Maybe have it stay visible till the qso is entered into the database.

Hi Mike,

Maybe I’m running a different version, template (POTA) or operating system (WIN 10), but my look-ups (via QRZ subscription) are inserted into the file at the bottom of the screen. I generally see their name and location information including city, state and county. KB9JMU

Jim, I think Mike may be referring to the popup that has the contact information show up after you enter the callsign in the call entry field. That info provider popup disappears after about 7 seconds. And yes, the contact info is populated in the Operator, State and QTH fields at the same time the popup becomes visible.
My eyes are drawn to the popup and I forget to look lower down in the call entry fields. Just a matter of training myself.

73, Dave VA3CP

Using an android tablet. Depending on how u hold the tablet, that information is covered. First time i have seen it. That works. Thanks

It would be nice if the duration was customizable in the settings. If someone wants it to display longer, they can increase the duration. If they like the way it currently is, they don’t have to change anything.

I agree that on certain devices you and see the information below, but when using a phone screen this information is not readily visible and would be nice to have the popup display a little longer.

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