Having to wait for about 4 to 5 seconds when entering call signs during fast rates

I really love the HAMRS for POTA use, it is simple and effective for my activations.

I used it during the recent POTA Plaque event and found it painfully slow to show the calls as I was typing them in. I will say I was fortunate enough to be running long pileups and was working as fast as my old body would allow.

Has any one else encounter anything like this? I will continue to use HAMRS for casual activations but is caused me great stress by running slow when I was trying to work as many as fast as I could.

The computer is a Lenovo thinkcentre with plenty of memory and ram.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried turning off live lookups? Does that speed things up for you?

What you are describing is most likely the app running out of RAM. It could be an app issue or it could be an OS issue, even if your computer theoretically has more than enough RAM.
I think others have reported HAMRS having trouble with hundreds of QSOs. I have not experienced this but it would be helpful to have the Activity Monitor (sorry I’m a Mac guy mostly and forget what Windows calls it) open when this is happening. Could be a memory leak, something else running in the background or something else.

Win 10 user. No problems entering qso’s as fast as I can. Older (10yr) Lenovo laptop with 16megs ram