Hello! Thanks for letting me join!

New to HAMRS. Old school paper guy but finally giving up and going electronic! Looking to become a POTA activator so had to up my game.

Welcome! POTA is a blast and HAMRS sure makes it nice to log in the field with my iPad. I haven’t found anything else I like as much for that purpose.

I import my HAMRS logs into another app on my PC at home for my permanent log and always recommend that to others. HAMRS is really meant to be a portable logging application.

Oh, and activating parks under POTA is a blast—the most fun I’ve had with ham radio, hands-down.

Agree with all the above. I’ve been doing POTA for about 3 years and enjoying every minute. HAMRS has made it a lot easier to activate.

Feel free to contact if I can be of help with getting you started.

All the best,

Jack N8EU