HIDPI AppImage for Linux?

A ham friend of mine told me about HamRS and as I use Debian Linux (with Xfce) not Windows I checked out the Ubuntu AppImage version. I really like the program. It uses the KISS method for logging (Keep It Simple, Stupid) which makes it very easy to use and it doesn’t get in your way or slow you down when you’re handling a pileup and/or contesting.

However, I have a 27" 2560x1440 monitor and 65 year old eyes, and the fonts are too small to be easily read without moving close to the monitor and peering at it. I can’t even imagine what Linux users with 4K monitors have to do to be able to see the screen. I don’t want to go to my settings and change the global scaling to 2x because that make everything else way too big.

Is it possible to release a high DPI (or whatever it’s called) AppImage version of HamRS for folks like me?