How do I edit a log after an activation?

I’m missing something. How do I go back into the log and edit a contact’s info? IOS 14.5.1 and 0.10.3 versions. For example, to update a signal report, state, frequency … Tnx, Dave

Hi! Click the Cog icon on a QSO and click ‘Edit’:

Duh, on an iPhone vertically, the cog is hidden. Switching to landscape, the cog comes into view. Swiping in vertical orientation brings up the ‘hidden’ cog! Boy, do I feel foolish!!

Dave, K6WDE

You shouldn’t feel foolish. You can’t click what you can’t see! I didn’t realize it wasn’t being shown on some iPhones so that’s on me! What iPhone do you have so I can do more testing and make sure everything shows as I expect it to?

iPhone 12 Pro. Thanks for your hard work. Listened to that podcast too, you’re getting a lot of traction . Thanks too for the WWFF KFF template considerations. I play there a lot, portable.

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