How to back up log files?

I’m new to HAMRS, and I’m trying to go paperless, after 50+ years of manual logs. My mode of HAMRS operation is to accumulate contacts in the log file over a period of several days on my laptop in my shack. Then I export to the adi file, then email the adi file to my desktop in my office where I upload to QRZ and LoTW.

My laptop is somewhat “flaky” and I’m concerned that if it croaks, I’ll lose all the accumulated contacts. Is there some simple, perhaps automated, way to backup the log files to a jump drive or external hard disk?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Unfortunately, this is not currently possible.

I think most people are using HAMRS as a field log, then importing to another permanent log. Losing the logs in HAMRS won’t matter under those circumstances.

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You can upload the adi to either QRZ or LoTW from the original laptop, no need to e-mail it to yourself AND download it again. I don’t know which loggins SW you use from home but you can download an ADI from LoTW which is a pretty reliable backup anyway, as is QRZ. I use the N3FJP logging software for my primary home logging and sync my files with both QRZ and LoTW from the N3FJP interfaces…

HamRS isn’t really meant for a full time home logger, as it has no way to import contacts, so you can’t ever “start over” like you can using other logging applications. I use HamRS for POTA, and also as a general logger when I’m portable, then export the adi and import it into my Log4OM logger, which then uploads to QRZ. From there I sync LOTW from QRZ only because I used QRZ exclusively once I got back into radio, and hadn’t decided on a logging software yet. I may change that to my logger now that it can do that automatically.

If I ever lost “everything”, I could export from QRZ and import them back into Log4OM, sync with LOTW, etc and be back where I was.

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