How to log special event calls

Hi everyone, I’m going to use HAMRS for the MO QSO Party this year and use the POTA template because I will be operating from a State Park. I also have a special event callsign for the QSO Party. I think I put my personal call in the field “My Callsign” and then put my 1x1 Special Event callsign in the field “Club callsign” but not 100% sure. I will be the only operator so wasn’t planning to populate the operator field but can do so if that is needed.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks and 73 de WB0TUA

Good evening,

HAMRS uses its “CLUB CALLSIGN” entry to populate the “STATION_CALLSIGN” field in the ADIF file. By definition, this is the call sign you use on the air and is where you would enter the Special Event call sign.

HAMRS’ “MY CALLSIGN” entry is placed into ADIF’s “OPERATOR” field. Enter the operator call sign there.

This seems to align with your original plan.

You should check with the POTA leadership (help desk) or the help files regarding registration procedures for the SES call to ensure you are using it correctly. I believe you assign a start and stop date for it (since it is “borrowed”).

Thank you so much! IT

Just to confirm KZ3L’s statement. Treat the SE call like a club call, it will end up in the STATION_CALLSIGN entry and your personal call in the OPERATOR entry. Be sure to add the SE call as an additional call to your POTA account, using the Start and Stop dates you are authorized to use the SE call.

Enjoy your activation.

Michael WA7SKG
POTA 7th Area Coordinator
POTA Helpdesk Agent

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