How to turn off maiden head lookup

I use the iPad version of the APP and the maiden head lookup is wrong just as often as it is right.

During an activation at K-5690 I had some QSO entries with EM69uc (Correct) and some with EM69ts (Incorrect).

I would like the option to not have that filled out for me or just get it from the park number and not try to get it from the iPad. The service in that area was horrific and I had no cell coverage or data coverage so I am not even sure where it was pulling this from.

I had seem something similar to another remote location but it was my first time using the app so I assumed it was me.

Any thoughts on disabling the lookup feature?

It’s pulling from your iPad’s GPS. But I can see a case for wanting to disable it. I’m going to move this topic to Feature requests to gather more feedback.

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