How to update Android install?

Jarrett…10.6 is awesome! Mind blowing app!
You’ve seen some software, in the ‘about’ section, has a pull-down called “Check for updates” I don’t know if that is difficult, but I thought that would be a useful function.
Heck, you could have a check for updates, and a check for tips…for lesser known, or newly released additions!

Jarrett: On MAC, a popup told me there is an update, I installed it, and all is well.
What is the correct procedure using Android? No check on versions, so I went to the play store, it shows a newer version. But my choices are only to open my old version or delete it. I deleted it and installed the new version. Problem is, it doesn’t save any of my data. If I had wanted those logs, too bad…they are gone!!

Unlike on a Mac, your android app should auto-update. I bet if you open it, go to Help → About, you should see 0.10.7 there.