How to upgrade Mac to latest software

I need to upgrade my version to latest in order to send my POTA logs. I currently have version 10.1 on my Mac and can’t find how to update…Help please.

Download from and install over top of the current version.

Hi Garquist,

Are you new to macOS? Most Mac apps don’t use installers like Microsoft Windows. Simply drag the app to the /Applications folder like kd2vgk said. I found this video which you may find helpful. The only thing it doesn’t mention is if the app already exists, you will see a message asking if you want to Keep Both, Stop, or Replace it with the one you’re moving". Choose Replace. Understanding How To Install Mac Apps Downloaded From Web Sites - YouTube

Oh, one more thing. If the app already exists, you won’t be able to replace it if it’s open/running. Make sure to first quit any app before attempting the update.