I lost all my logs

I lost all my POTA logs with exception of most recent one. I only had around 14 logs and now they are all gone. Didn’t get chance to back up yet. Is this a common occurrence ? Is the data retrievable ?

Did you export them already to your regional coordinator? If so, you could grab the ADI files from your email “Sent” items. You won’t be able to import them into HAMRS, but at least you would have the logs.

What device and operating system? Which version of HAMRS are you using?

I always recommend exporting the ADIF immediately after an activation and sometimes even during the activation. That’s a lot of logs and QSOs to lose (as I’m sure you are realizing).

Sometimes force quitting HAMRS and rebooting will recover your data. Otherwise defer to @Jarrett for his advice.

Thanks fortunately I upload to POTA regional coordinator within a day or two. I use an iPad with a keyboard in the field. I have the attached files in the emails sent so I will import them into my regular logging program . It’s disappointing that this happened.

Whew – that’s a relief!

Yes, although data loss appears to be relatively uncommon, those stats don’t mean anything when you are the one losing data. Fortunately you still have the data, albeit not in the format you need.

Are you using HAMRS 0.11.3 on your iPad?

I use my iPad as well with an external keyboard for field logging, but never refer to the older logs once I export and import them into Log4OM on my Windows PC. I consider the POTA log in HAMRS to be a temporary way to record my QSOs in the field.

I just lost the larges log I have had for POTA, 78 contacts. I can’t seem to get it back, and It went away when I shut the machine (Windows 10 laptop) and headed home. Once there, it was gone.

I’m going back to my regular logging software M1MM+ until this bug is fixed, or there is an auto save feature or something. I really like the program, but this can’t happen.

I wish there was some hint, some common thread as to what causes this. I’ve never lost a log despite doing all kinds of things to the laptop and iPhone. Including o/s updates (to Windows 11 on the laptop). Makes one kinda uneasy. I regularly export to adif as I go along just to be sure.

I lost my largest to date. I had to go back to my other logging program until this gets fixed.

I lost 58 POTA contacts today on my iPad. I thought the log was saved since I went back to the list of logbooks but when I got home I opened up the log and the screen froze. I restarted the app and bye bye log.

I lost 70 QSO’s today, with the app open and no one touching the device. It is clearly not uncommon and I hope no one else will have to deal with it.

I got 237 contacts on the 14th. I have screen shots that I shared showing it. I’m exporting my logs to POTA today and now I only have 174 contacts for that activation?!?! Has anything been fixed as far as a way to get these back??

Hi Mike,
It is sad that you have lost such a large log.
I use HAMRS on a Fire tablet and I have made it a habit to export the log to ADIF as soon as I complete my activation and before I close the application. Doing this only takes a few seconds and I have never (knock on wood) lost a log.
73, Charlie - K0LAF

I Just lost. The whole log of my first activation on the 23 Jan tried restarting activation etc.no joy iOS iPad and on 0.11.6 app.

Both myself and another co-operator are using HAMRS for POTA activations. We are careful to export our logs a couple of times to ADI files, just in case the disappearing log entries bug rears its ugly head. And it did. He sent me a note a few hours after our activation and reported that he opened the program and he lost all but 38 of his 200+ entries.

I checked and had all my files and all was OK. Since we didn't have cell service on the activation, I did a global lookup to fill in the operator info. It was going along updating the entries and putting green dots by each as it updated. I went to do something else and then checked progress after a few minutes and noticed that I only had 141 entries on the counter. Then 140, 139, 138, 137. It was deleting an entry about every 10 seconds and I was watching them disappear before my eyes. I shut down the program and when I opened it up again it remained at 137 of the original 200 QSOs. Fortunately, I had the complete ADI for importing into my main logging program.

Running WINDOWS 10 with HAMRS 11.3, because that version doesn't have the jumping CALLSIGN Cursor bug.

Any updates on a fix for this? I haven’t seen anything. Sure wish I could go back to HAMRS

Look in the 1.0.0 release supposedly it should be fixed.

I am a bit scared to update right before WFD as I haven’t had an issue with 0.11.0 yet on my ubtunu netbook but yea.