Import ADIF files, CAT rig control, and integration with WSJT-X

I love the simplicity of HAMRS, and it is my primary use logging software for ssb, but I would love to see the integration of CAT rig control to match our logbook with the current frequency of our radios, and also have integration into WSJT-X. N3FJP already has these, but some people don’t want to pay the $59 for it, plus N3FJP is only available on Windows OS. I can assure you that if HAMRS had this, it would be a huge success. Does HAMRS have to have integration into LoTW, QRZ and all of that? Not a deal breaker for me, but it wouldn’t hurt. Integration with WSJT-X would be awesome on any system that can run it and HAMRS. It would be nice to also be able import ADIF files from other logs if need be as well

I know HAMRS is free on Windows/Mac, and $2.99 on Android and iOS, but if they added integration into WSJT-X and had CAT rig control, I would be pay for it on Windows/Mac. They should make it free for 14 days, and maybe make it $10 or $20 to buy a lifetime license to use it, and give the option for donations if anyone wants to. Funding would make the features all the more better over time.

I agree totally. I just paid for N3FJP only because HAMRS will not allow me to import my ADIF files. Honestly, that’s the only feature holding me back from using 100% of the time.

What we must remember is Jarred is doing this as a labor of love for the hobby and HAMS. We don’t know how hectic his regular life might be. We should show him grace and be happy with any updates, features he is able to make. Just my two cents worth.



I had heard that he had “life happen” and I hope whatever it is, is a good life happening, but when he gets a chance to work on it again, he will. I understand having life happen.

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For me, the simplicity of HAMRS is one of its plus features. CAT integration to radios can cause complexity for the developer and problem reports from the users when some feature or other does not work, just on a particular model of radio. For the CAT features mentioned, there are more complex packages like N3FJP and N1MM+. HAMRS can use QRZ, HAMQTH or HAMDB to pick up data - what data it receives from qrz will depend upon what membership you have at - you need a paid XML subscription to pull down some information. The ADI export should be able to be used to feed LoTw or qrz logging systems if needed as long as they are fully ADIF compliant.

73 Ed DD5LP.

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I confirm that I was able to upload the .ADI file exported by HAMRS to LoTW after signing it in TQSL.

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