Importing adi files from hamrs to ham radio deluxe

I get an error message when importing adi files in HRD and is the following:
Field<QSO_Date_OFF> is not supported by ADIF

Is there a field I need to turn on? the QSO date is visible in my logs

Actually, it IS in the ADIF specification - see Released ADIF Version 3.1.4, updated 2022/12/06
HRD is not importing correctly. HamRS can’t do anything about what HRD does or does not do correctly.

You can always edit the adi file directly, and take out the offending key and value. And re-import. I would make a copy of the adi file first, if you don’t know what you are doing. That way you have a backup, and can try again.

You can just ignore that error. It is of no consequence. If it really bothers you, open the adif with ADIF Master and delete that column. Then import into HRD.