Importing calls on HAMRS for Windows 10

I use HAMRS for POTA in the field. I am now using it with a Windows 10 computer and noticed that name and state are not populated with entry of a call. I selected Ham DB. When I use my iPad, the name and state are populated. Is internet required for Ham DB ?


Yes. You need internet access for both Spots, map, and callsign lookup. The call sign lookup database is not stored in HAMRS software.

Some folks find that one of the call sign data bases may work better than another. Try each of them to see which works best for you–QRZ, Ham QTH, etc. But you can only use one of these at at time. It will take a moment of so for the info to be transferred back to your device, so if you’re in the midst of a pileup and logging quickly, it’s possible to be onto the next QSO log before the info has transferred from the previous one. Usually 15-20 seconds will be enough time unless cell phone signal is really sketchy at your activating location.

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Jack N8EU

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