Initial RST on input page is 59 regardless of Mode

iPhone 15.0.2
HAMRS 0.11.4

When opening a log the input page displays the RSTs as “59” even if the CW mode is selected. After saving an entry it switches to “599” when in CW mode as it should

In my humble opinion the displayed RST on the input section should display the proper RST upon opening and when the mode is changed.

Great product - Thanks

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Several ideas have been floated regarding RST–such as giving the operator an option to clear it each time, or revert to 59/599 and skip it every time, etc.

Your suggestion is one many of us who are primarily CW operators would appreciate. The good thing is that changing it the first time retains that change for subsequent QSOs, so the annoyance is pretty minor.

In any case, I suspect this would be a simple thing to change.

agreed - Thank you - Walt