Install guide for Linux version?

How do I go about properly installing the Linux version such that it shows on the “start” menu from within my Linux (Mint) system? I can get it run, dumped it in the /usr/local/bin directory and run it directly from there from a terminal. But how do I get it to run without needing to launch from a terminal session, in addition to getting the Hamrs icon to appear?

Is it an “APPIMAGE”? If so I believe it has to be installed with an app called APPIMAGE INSTALLER, if I remember right. I had it running on Linux Mint before, but don’t remember exactly how to go about it. I no longer have that laptop so I can’t try it.

  • chmod +x the app
  • rename it
  • sudo copy it to /usr/local/bin
  • i added hamrs to my panel
  • also created a wmctrl script to auto resize the hamrs window