IOS 0.9.10 - Bugs

I gave HAMRS a run today again on my iPad Pro (iOS 14.4.2) at a new (to me) POTA park. Everything went smoothly with a couple of exceptions:

  1. At one point I tried to enter a new call, and hit the “save” button, but it wouldn’t log. Repeated attempts to do this weren’t successful. I wrote the call sign down to enter later, exited the log, and when I opened it again I was able to enter new QSOs. That is the only time this has happened–I haven’t been able to duplicate this behavior.

  2. About 10 minutes later, during a break in the pile-up, I went back and entered the QSO I had missed. But now it appeared at the top of the list instead of partway down, in chronological order. IIRC sorting by QSO time (instead of the order the QSOs were actually entered) is already on the “to do” list to address.

  3. I accidentally hit “return” when the Call Sign field was blank, and received a “null” entry. I believe this is being addressed in a future release. But the odd thing was that I couldn’t delete that entry with the gear button / Delete menu selection. It simply did nothing and left the null QSO in place. The only way I found to delete it was to edit and enter a real (dummy?) call sign in place of the “null”, then delete it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to repeat this behavior in a test log after the activation.

By the way, my wife glanced over at my iPad and remarked, "From a distance, it looks like that app is named “HAMAS”.