iOS - 0.9.3 Bug Thread

iOS Version as released to Testflight today. If you didn’t receive an email let me know here. Also please post any bugs in this thread.

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Have the iOS version installed. Will start using it and see how goze it!

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I’ve got it downloaded and will check it out.

Hello everyone,

testing the new iOS version,

  • there is no selection to delete previous logs
  • after you create a new log, you must restart the app to create another one
  • generic template does not work

so far these are some of the bugs I noticed,

73 de CU3HY

Thanks, I’ll get a new build going that resolves these. I noticed that I need to address iPhone layout. It’s not optimal to say the least. :wink:

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On the IOs version. When I exported my log as a .adi, it was sent as a .txt file.
Also, if you have a call typed in that you are NOT going to work, and hit “clear”, it also clears MY call, frequency, and band information. A “clear” over on that side would be expected to do that.

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@KD2E Awesome - thanks for the info. I’ll get these into the next release as well. Hopefully by the end of the week. Test flight SHOULD let you know a new version is available, but I’ll also ping you guys here just in case. Can’t thank you guys enough!

0.9.4 Should be making it’s way to your devices now. Closing this thread and opening a new one.