iOS - 0.9.4 Bug Thread

0.9.4 is making it’s way to your devices. Here’s a quick changelog:

  • Fixed bug that prevented creating consecutive Logbooks
  • Fixed bug that exported ADI files in iOS as TXT files
  • Fixed bug that clears the wrong part of the POTA form
  • Upcase call sign input on Profile form
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Not sure if it’s a bug…

  • Empty callsign puts out a null
  • entering a callsign in different bands comes up as dupe
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RST RECEIVED a bit skewed

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@CU3HY Got them logged. I’ll put them into a larger release that corresponds to the Andoird beta as these aren’t too terrible and breaking things like the previous issues you guys found.

No worries just. Letting you kmow

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Jarrett…I am using the POTA template.
HAMRS sends “SIG_INFO” …which is the park id,
but does not send “MY_SIG”…which should be POTA…when using the POTA template.
I added it in manually, after I uploaded the adif, but could that be added?
(this may not be particular to the iOS version!!)

@KD2E This is probably just me not knowing how to map the ADIF files correctly. So you’re saying I’m sending SIG_INFO correctly, but I need to add MY_SIG with the value of ‘POTA’?

Yes, “SIG_INFO” is fine. “MY_SIG” should be POTA…for the POTA log template, of course.

Cool. Can do. Easy to add. Thanks for finding this!

Hey Jarrett…Just FYI…On Android, if you look at VLS log, it is similar in that it is fast and easy…Good for POTA or similar stuff. I wanted to bring to your attention, in case you ever go this route…VLS log can look up the guy’s name and qth. BUT…it requires you to click on an information thing near the call, which goes to a map screen, then you have to OK that, to bring the info in to the log. Which is a major “FAIL”, I think. No time for that while running a pile up!! But…cool idea if it would only do it on the fly!

@KD2E I think I could do that pretty easily. Thanks for the suggestion!

That one requires the user to have a login and password to hamqth.

I’ve got HAMRS hooked up to QRZ - that’s what it’s using to pull info when you look up a call from the search bar in the top right of menu bar.

You mean you just added that? On iOS version, or all?

Oh…sorry, I see what you mean…You already have it hooked to QRZ when entering in to the lookup box…got it! So it would be easier to incorporate that In to the normal enter a call, then when you tab to the next field, the name and QTH populates…got it! This is because a lot of activators like to get the call, and right away be able to say "W1XYZ, OK thanks Bob…your 59, park K-1234, have a great day! To populate name and qth as soon as you enter the call would be awesome!

Question about what constitutes a duplicate entry. It’s if (and only if?) the following match:

  • The Call
  • Mode
  • Band
  • Date

Does that sound correct?

@KD2E Here’s a test of what I think you might be talking about. Entering a call and hitting tab triggers a call to QRZ to get station info. It will pop up in the bottom right hand corner, and then go away after 8 seconds. What do you think?

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Multiple Contacts/Dupes

Even if you have contacted the same operator at the same park in the past. You will help the activator
greatly by getting their minimum of 10 contacts for an activation or towards an award.
Under certain conditions, you can contact the same operator at the same park, multiple times during the
current UTC day. You can contact the activator for each mode they use, and each band they operate
during that current UTC day, and it will not be a duplicate contact.
Ie: K8ZRY is activating K-1518 at 20:00 UTC. KA0XTT successfully contacts him on 20m SSB. At
21:00 UTC K8ZRY moves to 20m FT8. KA0XTT successfully makes contact again. This is not
considered a duplicate contact as this was on a different mode. Same goes for different bands.
With the permission of your club, you can give the activator a club call sign as well as your own callsign.

For Generic:

I would say, only a dupe if its same band and mode, ie cu3hy in 20m ssb and cu3hy 20m cw is not a dupe. only a dupe if its same band and mode, even if its a different time.

for Winter I have no clue about the rules… sorry

Jarrett…As this hamrs log will usually be imported in to my main log, if you got name and qth from QRZ, might as well add them to the the respective adif fields, rather than just a pop up. If you think that is making the hamrs display too cluttered, than perhaps just show name, and let the qth be put in the adif field…but not displayed. By the way…When you export the adif, to send or save…Is it possible to call the file name something specific? Here is why I ask…The POTA crew that receives the logs, wants them in a specific file name format. If hamrs saved them that way, that would be sweet!!! No requirement to change it up. Here is an email I got explaining (well…yelling at me for doing it wrong!!!) how to properly name the adif file…

in re pota_file_naming, there is no POTA standard file naming convention
for adif log files. each of us 10 regional coordinators specifies the
file naming convention he/she wants.

so, here is my requirement …

filename MUST be in the (W3BS) specified format detailed in the following.

as an example, i am using my callsign, emailing the file on
april 1, 2020 (i do not need the activation date in the filename, that date
is contained in the adi file itself), and US park K9999. again,
the date in the filename is the EMAIL DATE, NOT the ACTIVATION DATE.
please note NO hyphens or @ signs in filename, only underscores used to
separate fields.


please name your file with your callsign, email date, and park id and
submit it to me, W3BS.

should you activte the same park more than once and want to send the logs
in one email, name the files as shown below.


73 de
W3BS, Buddy Spiegel