iOS Beta Testers, I have a promo code for you!

I released 0.9.7 to the app store today. If you want to spend 4.99 on it, that’s cool, but I have promo codes I’ll be sending each of you to get the app for free.

I’ll continue to use Test Flight as we have been for pushing out features to test and gather feedback. This means you’ll have two different versions of HAMRS on your devices. I suggest using the public one available in the App Store as your main logger when you’re out and about, and only use the Test Flight version for checking new features, as I start pushing them out.

Thank you everyone for all of your help and support! It means a ton to me. You guys have been awesome.

Edit: Redeem your code like you would a Gift Card, using the ‘Reedem’ link or button in the App Store. Please PM me if something is wonky


I heard about HMRS too late to be a beta tester so I guess I will be paying for it. But I do have a couple of questions. How well does it work when there is no internet available? My Ipad Pro is wifi only. I am also curious about how I will get access to the log or the .adi file once I get back to the house. I can’t test these without buying the software so maybe someone know the answers and will enlighten me.

I wrote it to be offline first, so it works the same, You just won’t pull any data from QRZ. You can also export the ADI file to wherever you want - email it to to yourself when you get back home, save it to iCloud, airdrop it to another computer, etc. there are a lot of options.

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I just purchased it for my iPad

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