Ipad won't upload adif

i use Hamrs on ipad. with last ipad update adif will not attach to email. Get error unable to attach file.

Are you aware of a fix that will be available

I have experienced the same problem. I started uploading to Dropbox instead of emailing the file to myself and it seems to work great. It’s a shame you have to do it this way, but it does work.


Ihad the same problem. It wasn’t thr iPad; it was the gmail app. I switched to Outlook, and that solved the problem. Google Drive also
John K4ARQ

Same problem, would like to,have a fix for this. Didn’t mentioned this when you buy it

I’m not having issues with attaching an .adif file to an email using the stock email app. Here’s a screenshot. It’s very simple, create email, add subject, touch body of email, above key board touch the left arrow

this opens a menu, then select the folded corner of a page icon

then navigate to where the .adif file is out in Files.

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