iPhone XR 0.9.6

Suggestions for Parks on the Air log

  1. Creating a Profile: ability to add grid, county and state
  2. Deleting a qso by mistake. Maybe add a warning before deleting.
  3. Selecting multiple qso for deleting.

Vertical view looks good except for date not fitting in box on iPhone XR.
Horizontal view is good.

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grid / county / state is an excellent idea!!.. i generally will look up my maidenhead grid location with an iOS app called Maidenhead, and screenshot it while I’m out… then I can kinda backtrack all the other info from there once I’m back home. But if it was already there, in the log, it would be great (for creating a new QTH in LOTW so I can properly upload the activation to LOTW).

@Noel_W2MSA & @KD2TJU I like the grid, county and state additions. I can do it under the hood I think. I also have a list of all of the POTA parks and their lat/long, grid, etc to pull from. I’ll get a ticket started about this feature and keep this thread updated with progress.

@Noel_W2MSA , I’ve added a confirmation when deleting QSOs now, thanks for the input! I can also see deleting multiples easy added in a future build as well. Keep up with the great ideas!

I can’t imagine you’re not using this to do what you’re talking about, but just in case, POTA publishes a .CSV of their parks here:


Yup. That’s the one. I haven’t decided what I want to do with it yet aside from searching parks, choosing the one you’re in and populate grid, county and state adif fields