Is there a Change Log available?

Is there a change log for HAMRS anywhere. I am currently still running 0.11.0 on my netbook (Ubuntu 20.04) I use for POTA. (Haven’t lost anything yet.)

And I have seen a lot of people losing contacts lately. And I want to know what changed between 0.11.0 and 0.11.6 as I don’t want to possibly loose contacts at random due to so change.

Now that 1.0.0 is out should I wait to start using the for POTA and also this weekend for WFD just incase there are any log destorying bugs?

There never seemed to be a common thread across the small percentage of users impacted by data loss, so IMHO it is highly probable the cause was exactly as presumed—the underlying database system was glitchy.

Since the underlying database has been completely retooled and beta tested, I personally have confidence release 1.0.0 will perform just fine.

For WFD, just recommend you think in advance through the workflow of converting your ADIF Log into Cabrillo format if you intend to submit it. HAMRS doesn’t currently generate the Cabrillo file for you. Options include online converters, hand-manipulating the data, and importing into a spreadsheet and running some parsing functions to properly format your list of QSOs. If I make it out to WFD, I’ll probably do the latter.

There is now! STICKY - Changleog - #3

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