Jumping Cursor Bug - Any fix yet?

I know this is a known issue, but I am looking for an update. The bug is still there and I have not seen any new comments or fixes mentioned here in the community. The issue is especially in the Call Sign field, when I go back to edit a partial call-sign, as soon as I type on character the cursor jumps to the end of the field, not allowing me to correctly enter in a prefix, for example. Any progress on this bug? And what other fields is this happening on? Thank you!

This was discussed in 2022, then closed. I could not find any remedy. Here is an example:
The callsign (which I did not hear completely the first time) was KB3DX. I typed in “DX” and asked for the full call again. I moved the cursor to the start of the THEIR CALLSIGN box. When I heard the full call, I typed in KB3. The result was: KDXB3. This happens to me a few times each activation. To me, the issue seems worthy of careful review.

Yes that is exactly what happens to me. Depending on how fast someone is talking and how big a pileup i have going, this is really problem for me. I get nervous and then dyslexic when i have a pileup going so when this bug happens it makes me even more nervous because im trying to run a a smooth pileup and get everyone logged as i can. It just really throws me off and i get flustered as it makes me forget whole call signs and I need to keep asking them to repeat their call sign. And if the bands are bad sometimes i lose them entirely and fail to get them logged the first time.

It also happens in the “Their Park” field. Sometimes i just type in 1234, for example, and then i need to go back and enter K or VE, but what happens is i get “K1234-” instead of “K-1234”. And then it throws me off. Because instead of my normal CQ cadence, i have to pause to correct the log, and during the silence stations are calling back to me even before i call CQ or QRZ because there is a lull in my cadence.
Anyway, i know its a snall problem, but for me, fixing this issue would make a ton of difference in my overall user experience and satisfaction with Hamrs.

Yep, still a bug with no resolution. I’ve noted it in at least five fields. Very frustrating. KB9JMU

I do love Hamrs! Dont get me wrong, its my go-to logging app, even for non pota operating. I love its simplicity and how easy it is to export and upload to POTA. I just wish the jumping cursor bug would get fixed. Also on my wish list is storing in the cloud so my different devices can see and access my logs and they can all be stored in one place.

The workaround I have found is to type in capital letters. I use the CAPS-LOCK. It would appear that the function that checks for, and converts, lower case letters to upper case is the cause of the problem. If you enter the call sign in capital letters to begin with, the cursor doesn’t jump. This works for me on both Windows and Linux.

Hope this helps.

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WOW, what a great find and fix. I’ll try this later tonight. I am on an airplane finishing up a west-coast 12-day trip. Activated 7 parks in 12 days while still getting all my business (work) done. Thanks for letting us know about the “fix” or “workaround” whichever it may be. I’ll post back to confirm this later. Cheers and 73!

This is HUGH! Thank You!

I can confirm that being in ALL CAPS is indeed the fix for the jumping cursor bug. Thank you for finding it and sharing here. From now on my keyboard will be in all caps while working in Hamrs - at least on my Android smartphone. I tested on my Samsung Note20 in both portrait and landscape mode. Using all caps i do not get the jumping cursor behavior.

I do use a 13" windows tablet with Hamrs also but i have not tested that yet.

Cheers and 73,
Lambert, W3LAM

Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the fix in iOS or iPad OS.

Another hiccup - with android, as of last night’s POTA, I found that as soon as I hit “Save” to save the contact, my keyboard turns off caps-lock and I have to remember to hit caps-lock again for each new record. This in itself may negate this “fix” for me as I still need to do an extra key press (caps-lock) and I also still find myself checking back on the fields to make sure the call sign or the park number is not messed up.

Its not the end of the world. The only real fix in my mind right now is to completely slow down my pace of calling CQ or QRZ and how fast I navigate the Hamrs screen while working a pileup - as well as simply asking for information multiple times.

Believe it or not, I still keep a pen and notepad next to me as I like to jot notes and queue up call-signs ahead of time so that I can call on them specifically after logging the current contact. If Hamrs would have a comment or note field available in portrait mode that would be great. I could eliminate my notebook totally. I have a suggestion on this separately already submitted. The comment field IS there now, but only in landscape mode, which brings in additional fields and screen formatting which makes my screen un-useable when I put my android device in landscape mode.

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