Keyboard / error


I am using the HAMRS app (ver 0.11.0) on my IPad Mini 4, using a Snugg keyboard case

I am having problem getting the forward slash key ///// to work

It works fine outside of HAMRS , I am using it to write this

The key has the ? with the shift key pressed and / as a normal key press

Am I doing anything wrong

Thanks in advance


PS. If I press the shift key it gives me - instead

In what field are you attempting to use the β€œ/β€œ key?

This character is being masked in the log title due to potential to mess with the file system when exporting an ADIF file with the same name.

β€œ/β€œ and β€œ\” are considered invalid file name characters in most operating systems, since they are usually used to refer to a path or folder.


In the call sign field for /p

In the uk we use /p to indicate operating portable


So I just want to clarify, you’re unable to do this? :


I sincerely need to apologise for wasting your time, It is working properly now, I reset and rebooted everything a couple of times and reset the Bluetooth and it is now working as it should,

It caught me off guard because it was working ok outside of the app,

Anyway once again sorry for using up your time,

Fantastic app, and now with the qrz login on the app I can get info on uk call signs.

Thank you


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No time wasted! Always feel free to let me know of ANY wonkiness. You never know!