Keyboard for iOS

Just started using HAMRS and would love to have the iOS keyboard look like the QRZ keyboard. A picture of the QRZ app keyboard is attached.

Looks like it’s in the queue:

It is! AND I’m actually close to implementing it - found an inroad, and hope to have it in this next release!

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Are you planning to make it configurable so those who don’t want it can turn it off? Screen real estate is a premium on some devices.

But even if you aren’t, this is great news!

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Now I am. It’s just the numbers, and was only for iPhones (iPad/Android virtual keyboard has numbers), so yeah I can throw a toggle in the settings sidebar.

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Since I suggested this and have some background in building, here’s my idea.
Currently your app has the spelling suggestion bar above the keyboard, it does not have to exist. If replaced with a keyboard, the realestate is the same and it makes keying in a callsign faster without moving to the number keyboard and then back. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do without it.

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