Locking up while logging

Once again while at a park , about 60 contacts in , the app would not let me save the contact. I could move to other fields but I couldn’t save the contact. I took a screen shot , exited out of the app, closed the app, then restart and carry on without any more issues . I haven’t lost any data except the unsaved contact.
thanks Steve VE1SK
ps, I did input the unsaved contact from the screen shot…


I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me on a regular basis……

HAMRS has worked flawlessly for me up until today. Windows 10 Laptop, 8G memory, no other apps running. 71 QSOs logged then I could not save the 72. Back to pencil and paper for the remaining time at the park and hibernated the laptop. Got home, shut down HAMRS and re-opened the log and everything was still saved except log 72. I guess when this happens just shut down HAMRS and restart it. This is a minor annoyance, but for a no cost logging program one really can’t complain. :grinning:

I did a screen shot before I restarted Hamrs that way I had a copy of the unsaved log entry. Restarted the app, entered the unsaved the last entry then continued on without any more issues that day. I do like the app, It is great for what it is intended . The only improvement that I would like to see, or maybe I am going about it incorrectly, when I entry a call, then tab to the RST I would like to see the RST highlighted. Just to save some key strokes… I am using a keyboard with my iPad…

I experience the same issue periodically. I have not been able to accuratly characterize the sequence of events just prior to the freeze up. But I think I have been in the right hand panel and changed freq just prior… I usually loose the contact. Has happened 3 times in 25 activations. Still like the app and run it on ipad and pc.

Interesting , I will have to try and remember what I am doing when it happens…

Thanks Rich… 73 VE1SK

I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I’ve traced it to Hamrs looking for information in the Park field and not letting you save unless something is typed in. If I put some random info into that field, the record will save. I later edit the field to remove the data before submitting the log.


Thanks for the info Michael, I will try that the next time it happens, I was out on the weekend for a couple of activations and no problems… Steve

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